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...your eyes are fixed. Your smile is so elastic, you give me roses but their all just made of plastic!
...its intuitive, you dont have to try... many inches in a mile, what it takes to make you smile...
...oh how you always make me feel like I'm the one thats crazy...
..I need you by my side, don't know how I'll survive.....
...It's such a funny thing, how nothings funny when it's you...
Constantly, boy you play through my mind like a symphony..
LyricsSong Name dont hold your back, I've moved on to the next..
Twisted, you've shaken my existence...
..your such a trouble maker, but I like you just that way..
..and I know the sun is beating down, where ever you may be..
...from the moment I met you, I just can't get you out of my head..
..father I'm tall and I'm sellingmy soul to the rhythm, the beat and the bass..
...when the night is here, the only thing on my mind is having a good time..

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