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What does Dean scream at in 'Yellow Fever'?
What is the name of another psychic like Sam?
What can Max do?
In 'Heart', who is Maddison's first known victim?
What is Castiel's vessel's name?
What is Castiel's vessel's daughter's name?
Which demon possesses Sam?
In which year did Samuel Colt make his gun?
What is the significane of several fisherman going blind?
Who is the second horseman to appear?
In which episode is a cupid?
What is the language of the Angels?
Why did 'Yellow Eyes' kill Mary?
How do you kill a vampire?
How does Dean describe his Christmas presents?
Dean's 'Baby' is a...
What was John going to buy instead of the Impala?
What was responsible for 'Mystery Spot'?
Who kills Alistair?
Who used to be Castiel's superior before they fell?
What is Lucifer's temporary vessel's name?
Who is Michael's vessel?
What is the name of the third Winchester brother?
What creature preys on siblings and can only be killed during a feed?
What is the symbol for protection. commonly used in Devil's Traps?
Why does Anna travel back in time?
What colour are an Angel's wings?
What did Castiel leave when he pulled Dean out of Hell?
What year did Zachariah transport Dean into?
Who is the writer of the Supernatural books?

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