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Name any of the 4 Christmas carols (songs) played by the Salvation Army brass ensemble in the downtown 'Higbee's Window display' scene.
What child star appears on the cover of the issue of LOOK magazine into which Ralphie inserts a Red Ryder 'sales pitch'?
Where does Ralphie say Flick said he saw grizzly bears?
What is the grand prize for the newspaper puzzle Mr. Parker is completing at the kitchen table?
What is the title of the newspaper puzzle Mr. Parker is completing at the kitchen table?
What school does Ralphie attend?
What book is Miss Shields's class reading?
What page does Miss Shields instruct them to turn to?
Who counter signs Ralphie's 'Little Orphan Annie's Secret Circle' membership letter? And in ink!
What is the name of the radio programme that precedes the reading of 'Annie's Secret message'?
What time did the 'Little Orphan Annie' radio progamme come on?
Who does Mr. Parker say he spoke with at the Freight Depot who told him that the telegram was late and that his prize was already there?
What does Schwartz say he is getting his 'old man' for Christmas?
What is Mr. Parker's 'true medium'?
What is Ralphie's preferred brand of soap when it comes to having his mouth 'washed out'?
According to his mother, what food does Ralphie 'love'?
How many trees does the Christmas tree lot employee claim the lot has?
The line to see Santa Claus at Higbee's stretched all the way to where?
What did Mr. Parker get a can of for Christmas?
What monster mask is seen lying on the floor next to Randy while he sleeps with his Zepplin in the mess of unwrapped paper?
What is the name of the Chinese restaraunt the Parkers eat at after their turkey is eaten/destroyed by the Bumpus hounds?
Which actor/actresses's name was misspelled in the film's final credits?
Is Mr&Mrs Parker sitting in the glow of the Xmas tree lights, listening to 'Silent Night', looking out at the snow falling on the quiet street the embodiment of all things Xmas?

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