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Can you name the countries, based on clues about their names?

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Barber's red and white one, &
Just one letter away from the the type of music hipsters like
Comes from Latin root for money
Pathogenic bacteria, doesn't matter which one
Moving a boat, insanity
Rhymes with the name of Mario's brother
Founding Father of USA Franklin, not out
Only country with the exact same name as a US state
Ding-dong, not hard
Ditty, whether he is or is not a certain thing is in question
Not warm
Gastronomic cravings
Place where you wear things around your neck constantly
Popular internet top-level domain of lines of things
Picture taker, physical manifestation of organism, indefinite article
Character in Street Fighter, German for yes
Ship's resting place, not me, slang for young female
Adding 'able' to this country's name would make it sound like a word meaning easily transformable
It was not you who jogged
Black mountain

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