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Can you name the Countries based on clues about their capitals?

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Order a place to sleep
French for 'sugar'
Not me, local area network, what you fry fish in
Curse, we'll give you the answer if you let us
Idiot me
Eternal spirit within a person
Object for carrying, father
Remove 'y', add 'l' and 't' to form anagram of 'relevant'
Fastest growing religion, indefinite article, not good
Male adult human
Dead body (if 'a' in the middle taken away)
To wander or to explore
Conflict seen
Not the female of its species
Rock weed, cattle
Female name beginning with S
Nineteenth century British monarch
Inlet of water, what sticks a plant to the ground
Onomatopoeic rubber band sound
Means roughly 'I see the mountain' in Latin/Romance languages

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