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Punk rock trio of the mid-80s from Minnesota, who had two gay members and one straight
American punk rock trio whose singer died in 1985 at age 27 by falling out of the back of a van
1989 self-titled album was a breakthrough in English indie rock, 1994 second and last album was about 80 minutes long
Their 2001 album features a woman with a black glove touching her naked buttocks
Punk rock band whose singer died of a heart problem in late 2002
Late '60s and early '70s psychedelic group from Leicester, England, whose singer sounds like an 'electric goat'
Prog rock supergroup with singer from King Crimson, keyboardist from The Nice, and drummer from Atomic Rooster
This '80s noise rock band from East Kilbride, Scotland, liked to sing about honey and sweetness and rock 'n' roll
Icelandic 'twinkletronica' band, that uses electronic sounds to generate an 'organic' feel
American industrial music group/project with only one constant member, Johnny Cash covered one of their songs shortly before his death
Their singer, who sang about being a drug addict, was found dead at his home surrounded by drug equipment in 2002
Highly successful Canadian progressive rock band
Scottish indie rock band with a female singer that during the 1980s, set a precedent for the shoegaze movement
Seattle grunge band that released a very large number of live albums
They wrote the song 'Hannah & Gabi'
Their guitarist was found dead in a pool in 1969
Their first album features a picture of a monk setting himself on fire
Progressive metal band that released their first EP back in '92, and sold out to the man
Welsh pop-rock band whose drummer committed suicide at the start of 2002
Indie rock band whose singer is bisexual and whose tall gay bassist is from Sweden
Indie band from Montreal that are widely considered to have gained success due to promotion by Pitchfork Media
Rick Wakeman joined, left, and rejoined this group several times
British band who have a 1982 song that sounds like the name of the current UK Prime Minister
Pye Hastings is the singer of this Canterbury band
Their 1985 album was a pioneer in the medium of the CD, and the second track from it, which mentions MTV, was one of the first computer animated music videos
Electronic ambient group from Berlin with only one constant member, first album came out in 1970
Seminal Canadian post-rock band with a political message that released their last album in 2002
British glam rock band that Brian Eno was a member of in his early career
Their 1968 album misspells the word 'odyssey'
German krautrock band whose 1973 album was released at budget price on Virgin Records in the UK
Popular British hard rock group that released their first album with a blown up airship on it in 1969
Highly successful group from Oxford that released some of the most critically acclaimed rock albums of the 1990s and 2000s
British synthpop band whose 1990 album is generally considered their best; singer nearly died of a heroin overdose in Los Angeles in the 1996
British hard rock, light progressive band that formed in 1969 and whose singer died in 1985 due to alcoholism
Northern Irish rock band that had a female guitarist for a while, but who left the band reducing them to a trio again
This British trio had one of the best American guitarists ever; all three of them are dead now
Post-punk band from Manchester with a drunkard singer that constantly changes its lineup and has loads of albums, he has a younger wife who is in the band
Swiss Lactation Place to Stay Overnight
A track on the self-titled 1974 album of this band is also the name of the band, singer was also in Free
Angry metal band whose members all wear masks

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