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Forced Order
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Ethnically Armenian politically-orientated American metal band
Late '60s and early '70s psychedelic group from Birmingham, England, whose singer was in a band with Eric Clapton once
Politically-oriented Welsh rock band whose guitarist went missing in 1995
Jazz fusion Canterbury group that had none of its original members left by the time of its dissolution in the early 1980s
French progressive rock band known for inventing the 'Zeuhl' genre
Electronic music duo from Rochdale, England, known for their cold, sterile sounding beats
Californian band that started off as nu-metal, then gradually acquired softer influences on later albums, bassist as of 2009 is in a coma
They wear eyeballs on their heads during performances and no one knows their real identity
German band with a black American singer, who was later replaced by a Japanese singer
Their singer was found dead in Paris in 1971
Band that created the most critically acclaimed shoegazing album, which nearly bankrupted Creation Records
Seminal British 1980s indie rock band with cult following and eccentric, camp singer who holds flowers
The singer of Sun Kil Moon's previous band
Band whose first album features Andy Warhol's banana
Glasgow's most successful post-rock band
Seminal progressive rock band formed in 1969 that has only had one consistent member, the guitarist, with the lineup otherwise changing completely several times
Their original singer left the band due to mental illness, and their keyboardist died in 2008
American duo that tries out many different styles of music on their albums, but is not a parody band
Band consisting of four young males from England, one of whom killed himself at a young age, then they reformed after his death with a different name
Bob Dylan's backup band during the 1960s who later became a seperate successful group in their own right

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