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Forced Order
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Bear that should be locked up in jail
Stick man from a film about Guy Fawkes
Little blue Pokemon
Pear with a mouth
Dog in a kaleidoscope background
Rapper with sunglasses making a face
Man who likes grinning
YouTube girl of January 2009
Term for laughter at others' expense
Frog exclaiming with pleasure
An exciting tale (sarcasm)
Captain Haddock from Tintin says...
The quantities of the posted items are insufficient to meet my needs/wants, so post...
The items that have just been posted I have no desire to see again, thank you and good day
A very large number
Black man with a bandana
YouTube video of a 1987 song
Someone who commits suicide
We put a question in your quiz so you can answer while you answer
Not a meme
A story of cross-posted text to generate a reaction
Captain Picard does it a lot
In AD 2101, war was beginning
Cat that is very stretchy
Man with an Afro forming a Habbo blockade
Yellow smiling face
Cat with caption
Cookie Monster says...
What is said after a post number that must be achieved in a thread
Black background picture and text

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