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Can you name the OMG sms lol, it's a game of abrevs!?

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AbrevsyMeaningSentence e.g.
2.53'2.53- wine for the table, NOT the cellar!!'
A.P.U'Lucia didn't get up till about 3' 'APU'
AVE.'How was lunch?' 'Pretty ave.'
'Cahj/Cash/Caje...''What you wearing later?' 'Shorts and flippys' 'Keepin' it cahj'
C.B.'It's thursday of seventh week!! You know what that means!! CB's in hall!'
C.T.'Another note from The Miller- classic CT'
COLL.'Why don't you go back to coll you BIFFDA'
D.T.B' Matt's DTB!! Run!! free drinks for everyone!!'
'Flippys'Tom Trumps: 'hobbies? strollin'. weakness? Rain. Special talent? Keepin it cahj'
J.C.'What d'you wanna do later??' 'Cheeky bitta JC? ' 'yup'
J.C.R(Lunch has just ended. A pause.) 'JCR?' 'Yep.'
J.I.C'are you going out out later?' 'Not sure- gonna take heels JIC'
J.P'Classic hall: you know it's been a **** lunch when there's no JPs left'
L.B.C'Does anyone wanna share an LBC??'
L.O.LIf you need a hint for this you are not our friend
'Maybs''Do you think we spend too much time on sporcle?' 'Maybs'
O.M.GOMG- you don't know what omg means?!
AbrevsyMeaningSentence e.g.
'Onesy''Can anyone lend me a onesy for my washing?'
P.C. (three meanings...)'Film night later? I've got p.c...'
P.C'Tom, my mum just read your PC and wants to know why your telling me about how much you love cock...'
P.C'Whatya talking about??' 'sorry love, PC'
P. much'What've you been doing all day?' 'Working' 'So, sporcle all day? ' 'P much yeah.'
'Potench''I reckon he could be alright if we gave him a makeover' 'mm, potench'
'Probs''If you don't know this one you're probs a loser'
'Pooby- woobys'Tom: 'D'you want to see me pooby wooby's??'
Ray Hull'Laffs, wanna sleep in Liv's bed? She's at Ray Hull's'
'Sains''Hittin up Sains for some 2.53 after dins?'
S.M.S'S M S! look at those chips!!'
S.T.B'Liv just accidentally called Ray Hull from her pocket!!' 'STB!!!'
S.T.P'Neal's coming round- he's bringin STP!!'
T.B.H'TBH, I just want a cheeky CB and some table wine'
Totz'Bangers and mash is totz the best dinner after c.b'
U.C.P'News of the day!! Mani is turning bysexual' 'No lewd or obscene behaviour including nude perfromances'
'Warny'/ 'Warners'Oh please, you know it

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