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Can you name the episodes of Jonathon Creek??

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Episode NoHighlights
(Series One)1 (Maddie)Hilariously OTT way of leaving an office; fancy footwork
2 (Maddie)Incongruous lamp plug/socket; terrifying wall based ending
3 (Maddie)Newspaper ruins video alibi; horrific wardrobe incident
4 (Maddie)Misplaced leopards; great name- shoddy episode
5 (Maddie)Vibrating chair; sabre; loads of monkeys
(Series Two)6 (Maddie)Skeleton costume switcheroo; Adam gets blackmailed
7 (Maddie)Noone dies; J-C sleeps with a baldy; why do the best names tend to be the worst eps??
8 (Maddie)Missing painting; naughty schoolgirls; spam sandwich
9 (Maddie)Part 1/2;Suspicious suicide; scary strangling; Kitty ruins the badger hunt
10 (Maddie)Part 2/2;Scary stockings; Maddie in trouble with da pigs
11 (Maddie)Dead judge; dead hobo; people die of 'fright' in the inn that looks like 'house of spice'
12- Christmas special (Maddie)Magician's act goes wrong; Rick Mayall is awesome; is the police person male or female??
(Series Three) 13 (Maddie)Soul sold to Satan; Adam in court over kipper based sex scandal
Episode NoHighlights
14 (Maddie)Old lady; annoying woman fancies JC; Maddie's sex mix up; 'o dieu/o dear'
15 (Maddie)Worst episode ever; noone dies; wannabe alien
16 (Maddie)Missing book; poor punctuation; fake marriage
17 (Maddie)Exploding shed; light tricks; dew
18 (Maddie)Cellars: always scary
19- Christmas Special (Carla)Scary castle; axe trick; terrifying people squashing chimney
(Series Four) 20 (Carla)Is it really a coonskin cap?; sneaky policeman; school gym
21 (Carla)Fake kidnapping video; JC replaces a woman's dog (in her heart)
22 (Carla)Why would he kill his own parrot?; scary prerecording
23 (Carla)Guy crashes his boat; speck of dirt is not a comma
24 (Carla)Clever fake hanging; chewing gum holds the key
25 (Carla)Stolen monk stature; sex, incest or violence?
26- New Year's Special (Joey)Scary painting; you see someone's nether regions

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