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Marries Juliet 16 year old boy; Montague
the girl romeo is in love with at the beginning of the play
2 servants of the house of capulet who hate the montagues and start a quarrel in the plays beginning
held in quarantine houseHe is responsible for getting the plan of Friar Lawrence to romeo, but is stopped due to an outbreak of the plague
brings romeo the news of Juliets death
montagues servant who fights with Sampson and gregory in the plays beginning
 13 year old girl; Capulet
Who is responsible for the death of Mercutio?
Relative of the prince and wants to marry juliet
Gives Romeo his Death Poison
She uses a dagger to kill herself out of love
Relative of Benvolio; cousin
Romeos Father
Gives Juliet the 'Death' potion
The servant of Romeo
Relative of Mercutio
Romeos mother
Often assist the nurse
The prince of Verona
Wants juliet to marry paris forcefully
Wants to marry Juliet due to her fathers will
marries romeo and Juliet
Romeos best friend, he is not his kinsman
Banishes Romeo for the death of Tybalt
Responsible for death of Tybalt
Gave birth at the age of 14; had a daughter
Plans the plot for Romeo and Juliets escape from Verona
exiled to mantua
he can not read and is a bad singer, a servant of the house of Capuletoften assist the nurse
He loathes Montagues and often quarrels with Benvolio and Mercutio
Paris asked to be buried with whom?
Discovers Juliets 'Dead' Body

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