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Name the 'You Rang, M'Lord' episodes.

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It all begins...
Lady Lavender gives Ivy the shares form the company and even her bed.
Now the shares are being promissed to Stokes.
Ivy's in trouble and all because of a little chat with Sir Ralph.
Poetry Night
Teddy - Blue collar man.
The Prime Minister comes with a visit.
Lady Lavender throwing her money through the window.
The Bishop's auction.
He caught it. In the Artillery.
James' Dad appears.
Long live Dalmatia!
Stokes Cake Company starts its business.
Mrs Lipton throws plates at Mr Stokes.
James - the footman and - temporary - a cook
The dinner with the factory's staff.
Poppy and Teddy are running away (but not together)
Teddy faces Madge. Face to face. In bed.
Staff picnic
Teddy's last resort to escape from marriage
No more 'Come in! Shut up! Come in!'
Ivy - the 1920s cinderella
It seems that Sir Ralph knows that George wasn't shot in the Artillery...
Sir Ralph's black magic works...
All's well that ends well.

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