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According to actor Jonathan Freeman, the original idea was that [character] would sound like Jafar, meaning that Jonathan would have to play the two characters.
Every time [character's] watch is seen, it reads 12:25.
In an earlier draft, [character] was supposed to be banished from Pride Rock after she rejected Scar's proposal to be his queen.
[Character] is the only Disney Princess to not be royalty. She wasn't born into royalty, nor did she marry a prince.
[Character] has emerald green eyes, the reason presumably being because '[character's name]' is the Spanish and Portuguese word for 'emerald'.
[Character's] death is perhaps one of the most graphic Disney deaths ever, even with the flames obscuring the screen as the hyenas tear him apart with them burning alive as well.
While [character] has no noble status in the final version, it is implied in one scene that he is still wealthy, at least in regards to the other villagers.
The sound of [character's] dragon fire was created properly, with the use of a flame-thrower. The sound of the dragon's teeth snapping, however, was recorded using castanets.
[Character] is the second Disney heroine to use a sword against the villain, the first being Mulan.
[Character] has the most siblings of any Disney Villain, with twelve older brothers.
[Character] is fluent in French, as evidenced by his accurate translations of Ray's French lyrics for 'Ma Belle Evangeline'.
[Character] was originally going to have blonde hair. But her hair was changed to black to make her more relatable.
[Character] is the second human best friend to a Disney Princess, the first being Nakoma from Pocahontas.
[Character] is referenced by name by Tamatoa after the end credits in Moana.
Rosie O'Donnell voiced both the younger and older version of [character], making her one of the few actors to voice both the younger and older versions of the same character.
[Character] was initially designed with grayish-green skin so that she could stand out as the abused 'glitch' of the story.
[Character] is one of the eight Disney Princesses to be royal by birth, second after Snow White.
[Character's] death may also be a reference to The Lion King, in that Timon believes that stars are fireflies.
Even though the guessed inspiration of all the elephants including [Character] were Asian elephants, [Character] looks in many features like an African elephant.
[Character] is the only major female character in the movie (other than Cleo, but the latter has no speaking parts).

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