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Answer these difficult trivia questions about Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super!

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What group/race teaches Goku the fusion dance technique?
Which Z fighter has never won an on screen fight while alive?
According to the booklet included with Funimation's Dragon Box, which character's design was essentially 'Recoome's body with Android 16's face?'
Who is the strongest non-fused character by the end of Dragon Ball Z, prior to the 10 year time skip? (include form, if applicable)
What day of the year is the Tenkaichi Budokai held?
Krillin helps kill a character that (with time) likely would have been stronger than Frieza, but weaker than Buu. Who is it?
Piccolo famously has an ability often called the 'clothes beam' that materializes clothes on its target. Which other DBZ character has been seen using a similar ability?
Android 16 was modeled (outwardly) after whom?
Which technique has killed both a father and a son on different occasions?
Zamasu is the servant to whom?

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