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First halfSecond halfBeginning letters of words in answer
Old habitsD H
No painN G
The early birdG T W
Nothing ventured,N G
People who live in glass housesS T S
Too many cooksS T B
Where there's a willT A W
A friend in needI A F I
When the cat's awayT M W P
A stitch in timeS N
Rome wasn'tB I A D
Don't count your chickens B T H
Necessity is the mother ofI
Absence makes theH G F
All good thingsM C T A E
A fool and his moneyA E P
A penny saved isA P E
A taste of your ownM
Actions speak louderT W
Back to the D B
First halfSecond halfBeginning letters of words in answer
Between a rockA A H P
Bite off moreT Y C C
Blood is thickerT W
Don't cry overS M
Excuse my F
Go the extraM
Hold yourH
In the heatO T M
Keep your C U
Practice makesP
Saved by T B
To make a long S S
Water underT B
X marksT S
You areW Y E
Don't judge a B B I C
When it rains,I P
Your guess isA G A M
Sick asA D
Pedal toT M

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