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The study of weather
Instrument used to measure temperature
Instrument used to measure precipitation
Instrument used to measure air pressure
Instrument used to measure wind speed
Christmas season
Easter season
Sunny season
Halloween season
Location that recorded the highest temperature on Earth
Location that recorded the lowest temperature on Earth
Fluffy, friendly cloud type
Feathery, wispy cloud type
Flat, gloomy cloud type
Towering storm cloud
Hydrological phase beginning with 'P'
Hydrological phase beginning with 'C'
Hydrological phase beginning with 'E'
Temperature at which water becomes ice
Temperature at which water condenses
Cyclic Pacific Ocean warming
Cyclic Pacific Ocean cooling
Flash of negative charge travelling from a cloud to the ground
Sonic boom caused by a flash of electricy
Liquid precipitation
Cold, hexagonal precipitation
Hard, icy precipitation
Intense low-pressure storm formed on open ocean
Destructive funnel of wind born from a supercell
Arc of light refracting off water droplets
Place with very little rain
Exceptionally high tide
Exceptionally low tide
Powerful wave caused by an earthquake
Lowering of the perceived temperature by a breeze
The rising and sinking of air inside a cloud
Consequence of the earth's rotation affecting air and sea currents
Icy crust on the ground
Extended period of extreme cold
Thick fog caused by polution
Longest or shortest day
When day and night are equal length
Atmospheric layer in which most weather occurs
Fast, high-level winds that encircle the planet
Glow caused by solar wind striking the atmosphere
Planet with sulphuric acid rain
Planet with greatest temperature variations
Planet home to the great red spot
Planet with the strongest recorded windspeed
Solar system moon thought to have methane rain

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