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Can you name the words that end in double 'L'?

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*LL AnswerClue
ARing-shaped coral island
BA pod or capsule of a cotton plant
CTo put on ice
DPurify a liquid by evaporating
EFascinate or enslave
GOutdoor cooker for the summer
HThe body of a ship
IPut software onto a computer
JFemale kangaroo or ferret
KPrimary food source for the blue whale
LTemporary pause or decline in activity
MA large baboon with a red-blue muzzle
*LL AnswerClue
NA dunce or thick-headed person
OGeorge who wrote 'Nineteen Eight-Four'
PList of people receiving wages
QSubdue or suppress
RA deceased animal as a result of traffic
SPiercing, like a high-pitched voice
TWoven fabric with diagonal lines
UNot healthy
VOlympic sport played on a sandy court
WBuilding that Don Quixote tilted at
XYellow or brown plant pigment
YShout loudly
ZFinger cymbal used in belly-dancing

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