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QUIZ: Can you name the Sexual Education on Sitcoms?

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HintName of Sitcom
First show to feature a toilet tank on-air
This sitcom featured the main character choosing to have an abortion
This sitcom had an episode called 'The Contest' and featured the famous line 'Master of My Domain'
This sitcom's main character was not allowed to show her navel on televsion
On this sitcom, the actress playing the main character was pregnant in real life, but the word 'pregnant' was never said on-air
In this sitcom, a character got pregnant even though her boyfriend was using a condom. Later they lern they are only 97% effective
This Norman Lear sitcom popularized the phrase 'Stuck in Neutral'
HintName of Sitcom
Though there is no remaining record of this early sitcom, historians call it the first to include a man and a woman in the same bed
This sex-filled cable sitcom popularized the phrase 'He's just not that into you.'
In the 1990's, a gay comedienne came out of the closet both in real life and on this show.
This contemporary sitcom had an episode called 'The Naked Man' about a gimmick that works 2 times out of 3
This 70's-80's sitcom popularized the idea of co-ed living
In this 70s sitcom, subtle references are made to this TV station employee using birth control
In this sitcom, the family's bathroom lacked a toilet completely.

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