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QUIZ: Can you name the Dragon Ball Z Characters Based On Hint?

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Main Protagonist
Daughter of Dr. Briefs
Companion of Puar
Inventor of the Technique 'Destructo Disc' or 'Kienzan'
Killed by Nappa Along with Friend Chiaotzu
Namek Who Battles Raditz Along Side Goku
First Son of Goku and Chi Chi
Saiyan Prince
Heir to the Company 'Capsule Corp'
Main Antagonist on Namek
Ultimate Creation of Doctor Gero
Magical Life Form Created by the Wizard Bibidi
Female Cyborg
Self-Destructed While Battling Nappa
Daughter of the Ox-King
Second Son of Goku and Chi Chi
Flamboyant World Martial Arts Champion
Dirty Old Man and Wise Martial Arts Master
Helps Gohan Fight Crime as the Great Saiyawoman
Overweight Samurai Who Cuts Off Vegeta's Tail
Gentile Cyborg Whose Main Purpose is to Find and Kill Goku
Brother of #18
Resurrects a Magical Creature Created By His Father
Replaces Kami as Guardian of Earth
Creator of the Androids
Frieza's Team of 5 Mercenaries
Good Half of Piccolo Daimao
An Upper-Level God Who Presides Over the Northern Quadrant
Earth's Dragon
Namek's Dragon

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