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QUIZ: Can you name the Another anime opening guessing game!

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Opening titleAnimeArtist
Going my wayOP 1
Taiyō Iwaku Moeyo KaosuOP 1
ResonanceOP 1
Utayo!! MiracleOP 3
1/2 (Half)OP 2
Easy goOP 6
ShuffleOP 2
What's up people?!OP 2
PeriodOP 4
Loop-the-loopOP 2 (3 if you want to count the anime's OVA opening)
Naraku no hanaOP 2
Moonlight legendOP 1
Kimi+Nazo+Watashi de Jump!!OP 2
Yuzurenai negaiOP 1
Heart no kakuritsuOP 2
Wild challengerOP 1
In my worldOP 2
Hakuyoku no Seiyaku ~Pure Engagement~OP 2
Kimi ni Kono Koe ga Todokimasu yō niOP 2
Dragon soulOP 1
Sentimental generationOP 2
HeatwavesOnly OP
Spurt!OP 9
Opening titleAnimeArtist
CloserOP 4
Change the worldOP 1
Hishoku no soraOP 1
BreezeOP 3
Cosmic loveOP 1
Soramimi cakeOnly OP
Brand new worldOP 6
Sakasama no chouOnly OP
BelieveOP 2
LinkOnly OP
ColorsOP 1
Dead ENDOP 2
SympathyOP 2
HarukazeOP 15
Balance kissOP 1
Super driverOP 2
Hakanaku tsuyokuOP 2
RoseOP 1
SakuraOP 4
Silky heartOP 2
Hyadain no Joujou YuujouOP 2
One reasonOnly OP
Kimi no mama deOP 2
Scarlet bombOP 2

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