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Can you name the Enemies of Robin McGhee?

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Description/alleged quotationEnemies!Alternate Clues
C*nt (Guess what's in the middle!)Stooping Ginger
Singular GynecomasticaAthletic Ginger
'Ignorant Bellend'Pseudo-Gangsta
Steroid HeadSon of Simon
Pair of Hobbits: 'No you can't be in the ****ing Fellowship of the Ring!''WHAT DO THEY ADD TO IT?!'
Inane BintFormer lover of Perse Head Boy 08-09
Lord of 'Freeform Tennis''In a public park?'
**** 'Fat' *****Alex *** Brown
They run usFollow Tory policies
They will run us in six monthsMostly old Etonians. One went to St Pauls.
'FASCIST!'Likes the blonde ones
Description/alleged quotationEnemies!Alternate Clues
DMcKGPerse Head Boy circa 1960s
Magister Latinus'Eheu!'
'No-one teaches us, but XXX tries.''She isn't somewhat unattractive'
Akido MaestroTanhope, p.91
'Not sure what part of London Robin comes from.'RAF closet
Blonde and RoundedOnce tried to drown Robin in swimming pool
'Diplomancy!'Attended Harrow; 'nuff said.
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom... for a time'And the vegetables Madam?'
Large nose, v. bucolicResembles heron
Thickset ladRecipient of upper-sixth politics prize

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