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What year did Athens break up the alliance with Sparta?
What state was forced into the League in 457?
When was Ephialtes assassinated?
Which historian says the Athenians grew strong at the allies' expense?
What year was the Battle of Tanagra?
Why was this different to normal league operations?
What years did Athens invade Egypt?
When did the Egyptian Expedition collapse?
Why did this result in the movement of the League treasury from Delos?
Whose treasury did the League's money become a part of?
How many talents from the treasury were diverted for building work?
Who proposed this?
How can we know about the amount of tribute paid by each state?
What is the Greek word for tribute?
What building was built with League funds?
When did Athens sign a five year truce with Sparta?
Which state was the first to house an Athenian Garrison?
Who did the Garrisons protect?
What type of government did Athens try to install in her subject states?
Which goddess was promoted to the League?
Where did Athens position her Cleruchies?
What was the difference between colonies and Cleruchies?
Which biographer suggests the Cleruchies helped put people off rebelling?
Who died in 450?
Where did he die?
When was the Peace of Kallias?
How many days march did the Persians now have to stay away from the sea?
Name an advantage for members of the Delian League.
Which decree ordered the inhabitants of Euboea to be obedient to the Athenian Demos?
Which modern day historian thinks it unlikely the Peace of Kallias was ever formalised by treaty?

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