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Who was the previous emperor before Vespasian?
What are the dates of Vespasian's reign?
What class did Vespasian originally come from?
In what year did the Jews revolt?
What battle gave Vespasian the throne?
Why did Vespasian go first to Alexandria, then Rome?
Which key supporter of Vespasian captured Rome for him but was soon discarded?
Which key building project designed to win over the plebs did Vespasian start?
Who was officially associated with Vespasian during his reign?
Who is our main source for the Flavians?
Question Answer
How did Vespasian win over the senate?
Vespasian had a reptuation for meaness, True or False?
What did Vespasian say according to Suetonius before he died?
Which leader of the Stoic opposition did Vespasian exile and then execute?
What temple did Vespasian rebuilt on the Capitoline?
Vespasian behaved like a king when dealing with the senate, True or False?
Which source reports that Titus and Domitian didn't get along?
How did Vespasian punish the Jews and make them pay for temple repairs?
Suetonius reports that Vespasian revoked the command of a man because...
Who was Vespasian's supporter and brother?
Question Answer
Who dominated the consulship during Vespasian's reign?
What year was Titus made Praetorian Prefect?
Would Vespasian's policy in Britain be decribed as aggressive or humane?
Which two provinces first supported Vespasian's revolt?
Which region was anti-Vespasian?
To which dead emperor did Vespasian build a temple?
Who was governor of Britain under Vespasian?
What event did Vespasian hold to celebrate his victory over the Jews?
What was the Colosseum built on?
What bodily fluid did Vespasian put a tax on?

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