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When young, which member of the imperial family was Titus' friend?
According to Suetonius, what did Titus say when he could not help anyone?
How old was Titus when he died?
What natural disaster took place in 79AD?
According to Suetonius Titus was remembered as the darling of...
Titus was accused of being what before he became emperor?
What were the dates of Titus' reign?
In what year did Titus capture Jerusalem?
What building did Titus complete?
What buildings of Titus' were the best in Rome?
Question Answer
Which Jewish princess was Titus romantically involved with?
Titus spent little money during his reign. True or False?
What was built in Rome to celebrate Titus' victory?
What was a big expenditure of Titus'?
Titus was popular with the plebs. True or False?
Which writers do we rely on for our information on Domitian's reign?
Plebs, army, Senate, Equestrians and freedmen. Which did Domitian favour the most?
Who was Domitian's wife who he had exiled then allowed to return?
According to Suetonius, Domitian preferred to be refered to as...
What were the dates of Domitian's reign?
Question Answer
What did the army recive under Domitian?
What action of Domitian suggests there was a finacial crisis?
How did Domitian change the corn dole?
Domitian built many what in Rome to honour himself?
What building did Domitian dedicate to his father and brother?
What action of Domitian angered Rome?
Which relation of Domitian killed him?
What insult did the senate postumously give Domitian?
Which previous emperor did Domitian admire?
Which source really really really hates Domitian?

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