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How old was Augustus when he died?
Tacitus tells us that his death was the 'first crime' of Tiberius' reign?
In what year was Sejanus killed?
Who was Tiberius' brother?
Who was Tiberius' son?
In the end, Tiberius had to pick me as his successor. Who am I?
How old was Tiberius when he became emperor?
Who fought alongside Tiberius and described him as 'Superhuman'?
'I didn't have any with Augustus but two with Tiberius Claudius Nero.' Who am I?
We both died in AD32.
Question Answer
He died in AD19 though he had been expected to succeed Tiberius.
According to Suetonius I killed Tiberius but was dead within a year.
When did Tiberius reign?
Tiberius was unpopular with the plebs as he refused to host...
On what day, month and year did Tiberius' inaugural debate take place?
I lived with Tiberius on Caprae despite his treatment of my family.
Who was Sejanus ambitious enough to want to marry?
They lasted between AD32 and AD36.
Tiberius is rumoured to have said, 'let them hate me so long as they...
Tiberius sent me as governor to Syria but then betrayed me.
Question Answer
Where did Tiberius first send himself into exile?
Tiberius made him sole commander of the Praetorian Guard.
In what year of Tiberius' reign did the empire face its first finacial crisis?
Which writer said that on Caprae, 'Tiberius gave into his vicious passions.'
How many years did Tiberius reside on Caprae?
Did Tiberius pay attention to the corn supply?
Tiberius had his memory damned by the senate; true of false?
Tiberius was forced to divorce...
How did Sejanus become a member of the senatorial order?

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