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What first caused friction between the two states?
Which anti-Spartan Athenian politician went to Sparta to smooth things out?
What did he do?
What council controlled Delphi?
Which state wanted to expel medisers from it?
Why was this?
What year was Themistocles ostracised?
Where did he go first?
After spreading anti-Spartan propaganda in the Peloponnese where did he flee to?
Which group was increasing in power at Sparta at the expense of the Kings?
What two state political ideal did Kimon promote?
What stopped the Spartans from helping Thasos?
Which Athenian politician petitioned the assembly to send aid to Sparta?
What does Kimon's success here show about Athenian views on Sparta at this time?
What council did Ephialtes get rid of in Kimon's absence?
Which class did its destruction benefit?
What did the Spartans do to the Athenians who arrived to help?
Which states did Athens now ally itself with?
When was Kimon ostracised?
What type of democracy was becoming popular in Athens?

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