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Which sources tell us Augustus reformed the senatorial rolls?
How many senators were there at this time?
What did Augustus make the property value for becoming a senator?
In what order did Augustus call upon senators to speak in a debate?
How did Augustus give people experience of government?
How does Tacitus suggest the best way to get ahead in the senate?
Tiberius asked the senate for advice on military and legal matters. True or False?
Tiberius showed ....... when dealing with the senate.
Tacitus tells us that Tiberius though the senate were men...
What type of men were given office under Tiberius?
What type of crime does Tacitus suggest Tiberius executed many prominent senator for?
Who did Gaius recall at the start of his reign?
Who did Gaius make consul?
Who is said to have revolted against Claudius?
How many senators did Claudius execute?
What office did Claudius revive so he could elect men to the senate?
Who was allowed into the senate under Claudius?
The senate sentenced Messalina to death. True or False?
Which two sources tell us about the Piso Plot?
What was the name of the slave who discovered it?
What did Nero say the senate was to preserve?
Whose resistance made other less servile?
Which source tells us it was Nero's intention to destroy the senate?
What did Vespasian do to the senate?
Which member of the stoics was banished and executed?
How many innocent men were put to death by Vespasian?
How did Domitian view the senate?
Domitian did what to many senators?

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