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Under Augustus who administered the corn supply?
Who tells us this?
Augustus was going to abolish the corn supply. True or False?
What did Augustus do to the price of corn?
Who tells us that Tiberius increased the amount of corn coming into the city?
Why did the plebs riot under Claudius?
What did Claudius built to increase the corn supply?
Domitian replaced the corn dole with what?
Who built many aqueducts under Augustus?
Which source suggests Augustus repaired many aqueducts?
Which source tells us that Agrippa was water commissioner?
Which emperor began building an aqueduct that was finished by Claudius?
What inscription tells us Titus repaired the aqua Claudia?
Titus also built...
What did Augustus build to increase public space?
What two public buildings were built in the names of Agrippa and Marcellus respectively by Augustus?
What did Nero build on public land?
Which emperors created Rome's most memorable amphitheatre?
Who may have had a private racecourse at their palace?
Who does Suetonius suggest gave frequent and regular games?
Which emperor is criticised for giving too few games?
Which emperor behaved in a lowly fashion at the games he threw?
How many days of games were held for the opening of the Colosseum?
How many new circus teams did Domitian add?
What does Juvenal say the plebs need?
What were the Vigiles?
Which emperor told the Vigiles they could no longer wear their sandles?
Claudius did what to the Vigiles?
Who tells us that Augustus put armed guards on the streets on the days of games?

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