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Where was the first conference of the Hellenic League held?
Who was given command of both the land and naval forces?
Who originally wanted command of the navy but gave up their claim in the interest of Greek unity?
Which two states 30 year war was ended by the League?
Who was sent to assess the strength of Xerxes' army?
Which Tyrant offered a large fleet and army in return for overall command but was turned down?
Which state sent 60 ships which only arrived after the battle?
Which two states were advised to stay neutral by the Delphic oracle?
What type of area did the Greeks want to fight the Persians?
Where was the first line of Greek defence?
Why did they retreat?
Many people in Thessaly sympathised with Persia. True or False?
Where did the Greeks draw up their second line of defence?
What did the first oracle from Delphi tell Athens
What did their second oracle say?
Which source tells us that Themistocles recalled the Athenian exiles?
Why was this?
How many Greeks were there at Thermopylae?
Who guarded the Anopaea?
Who betrayed the Greeks?
Which three states made a last stand?
What happened to Leonidas' body?
Who was the Spartan admiral at Artemisium?
What destroyed a large number of Persian ships?
What was the formation used by the Greeks called?
Who was the liaison between Thermopylae and Artemisium?
Which people did Themistocles leave a message to?
Delphi was sacked. True or False?
What did the defeats of Thermopylae and Artemisium result in?
Why might the Spartans not have sent more men?

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