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What creature was said to have abandoned the acropolis?
Who encouraged Athenians to leave?
Where was the majority of Athens evacuated to?
Where did those too poor to travel take shelter?
How does Herodotus depict the Peloponnesians during the war council at Salamis?
What did Themistocles threaten to do if the Peloponnesians retreated?
Why would fighting a naval battle near the Isthmus favour the Persians?
Who is suggested to have sent a secret message prompting Xerxes to attack?
Which two sources support this?
Which island had a force of Persians stationed upon it during Salamis?
Which Persian commander is suggested to have rammed a friendly ship to escape?
Where did Xerxes watch Salamis from?
Which source suggests that an apparition of a woman prompted the Greeks to attack?
Who led the Greek Hoplites at Salamis and told Themistocles the exits to the straits were blocked?
Where did the Persian Fleet retreat to after the battle?
The Greeks immediately destroyed the Hellespont bridges after Salamis. True or False?
Which two cities revolted near Mardonius' supply lines?
Which area did Xerxes fear would revolt thus went back to guard them?
Where did Mardonius winter?
Who won the prize for valour at Salamis?
Who was sent to try and convince the Athenians to medise?
What was Athens promised by Mardonius'?
Where did the Athenian ambassadors go to cajole into action?
Why might the Spartans have been reluctant to leave the Peloponnese?
Approximately how many Greeks were there at Plataea?
Who led the Greeks at Plataea?
Which cavalry commander was killed by the Athenians?
Which city state helped Mardonius considerably?
Which Spartan commander refused to budge from the Aesopus Ridge?
Where did the Persians retreat after the battle?
Who tells us Plataea was won by the Dorian Spear?
Which Ionian states encouraged the Greek fleet to sail there?
Who was in command of the Allied fleet at Mykale?
Which Ionian state inflicted heavy casualties on the Persians after switching sides?
Who suggested a mass evacuation of the Ionians?
Who opposed them in this?
Which city was attacked by Athens and her allies?
Herodotus suggests Mykale and Plataea happened on the same day. True or False?
What was erected at Delphi to celebrate the Greek victory?

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