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I was made Praetorian Prefect by Claudius origianally - who am I?
I appeared on coins during Nero's reign but never held an official position - who am I?
What were the dates of Nero's reign?
I was chosen as Claudius' co-heir to the throne - who am I?
I helped Nero kill himself - who am I?
Who was Nero's friend and Praetorian Prefect?
Who was emperor after Nero?
Who ordered Britannicus' poisoning?
According to Dio, he ruled Rome in Nero's absence?
Name Nero's favorite musical instrument and sport.
In what year was the Great Fire of Rome?
Tacitus says Nero had no part in starting the fire - True or False
Which senator hit Nero in a brawl?
What year did Burrus die of throat cancer?
How was Nero able to light his games at night?
I was recalled from exile to be Nero's tutor - who am I?
In what year did Agrippina die on Nero's orders?
Which of Claudius' freedmen did Nero have executed?
Which social tier of Rome did Nero attack?
Which senator was killed by his slaves which were in turn killed by Nero?
What is the Latin name for Nero's golden house?
Nero spent little on Games and gave few - True or False?
How did Nero combat the financial crisis following the fire of 64?
Which leader of the stoics offered stiff opposition to Nero?
How did Nero's wife Poppaea die?
Whose slaves refused to betray their mistress?
Which culture was Nero a fan of?
Name the two slaves which Nero had a homosexual relationship with?
Which slave uncovered the Piso Plot?
Which prominent general did Nero execute?

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