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Where was Herodotus born?
When is it thought he began writing his history?
Who is Herodotus' only credited source?
Herodotus believed everything he was told. True or False?
What did Herodotus rely on for most of his enquiry?
What hampers Herodotus' accounts of battles?
Why does his work often contain errors?
Herodotus fails to understand the deeper causes of events. True or False?
Which city state is Herodotus openly biased towards?
What did he admire about Athens?
Who does Herodotus suggest as responsible for everything in his work?
What may have been Herodotus' aim in writing the Histories?
What is heavily relied upon in Herodotus' account to explain what's going on?
Which biographer calls Herodotus pro-barbarian?
Thucydides describes Herodotus as...
Herodotus' speeches are mostly made up from...
Name one of Herodotus' themes.
Herodotus places great emphasis on the role of...

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