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Which two sources do we rely on the most for the Delian League?
What is the fifty years between the Persian War and the Peloponnesian War called?
When was Plutarch writing\/
Who originally led the Delian League?
According to Plutarch how did Pausanias treat the allied commanders?
Which group of people approached the Athenians asking them to take command?
When was Pausanias removed as commander?
Why did the Spartans not oppose Athens taking command of the League?
Who replaced Pausanias as commander?
Which source tells us that not all Spartans were happy at losing command of the League?
Where was the treasury of the Delian League originally kept?
What was the objective of the league?
Who was chosen to assess the contribution of each member state?
What was Aristides' nickname?
What is a Hellenotamie?
Who were the 5 ship supplying allies?
How many talents was the original league revenue?
Cimon was Sparta's what to Athens?
What year was the capture of Byzantium?
What was its importance?
When was Eion Captured?
When was Scyrus conquered?
Who inhabited Scyrus?
What did Athens do to Scyrus afterwards?
Which state had to be coerced into joining the League?
When did Naxos revolt from the League?
What did Naxos become afterwards?
What decisive event happened in 468?
What was the spoils from the battle used to build?
Which ship giving ally revolted in 465?
This was the first time that Athens had used League resources to settle an internal quarrel. True or False?
Which non-League state promised to help the rebel state?
Which colony was unsuccessfully founded on the Strymon River?

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