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How many sons did Caligula have?
What did the senate discuss after Gaius' death?
Which source suggests that Herod Agrippa helped Claudius become emperor?
What were the years of Claudius' reign?
Who was Claudius' third wife?
Who did Messalina marry which caused her execution?
What building projected helped Roman trade?
Who did Claudius appoint as Praetorian Prefect in 51?
Who did Claudius marry in 49?
How many wives did Claudius have?
What change did Claudius make to the senate in 48?
Who was Claudius' son?
Who was Claudius' daughter?
What was Claudius' main way of winning over the plebs?
Why did Claudius drain the Fuccine Lake?
How did the plebs immediately gain from Claudius' invasion of Britain?
Why did the plebs riot during Claudius' reign?
Name one of Claudius' freedmen.
Which two things did Claudius complete which Gaius began?
Which two things were Claudius' weak points?
What actions if any did Claudius take against Gaius' assassins?
What freedman was inherited from Gaius?
Where was Claudius when he heard of Messalina's treachery?
What did Claudius reform in 47?
Claudius increased their power.
What equestrian post did Claudius increase the power of?
Clauidus murdered 35 senators and 300 equestrians according to whom?
Why did Claudius have the law changed to suit his purpose?
How did Claudius die?
Who was Claudius' father?

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