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How old was Caligula when he became emperor?
Who was Caligula's father?
How long did Caligula live with Tiberius on Caprae?
What were the dates of Caligula's reign?
Who was Caligula's main assassin?
I was Caligula's favourite sister.
I brought Caligula the senate's congratulations but he threw me in the Rhine.
According to Suetonius, Caligula ordered his soldiers to collect what instead of invading Britain?
Which two posts had Caligula held prior to becoming emperor?
According to Suetonius Caligula said what of the plebs at the Circus?
Why did Caligula have Gaetulicus and Lentulus executed?
Who was Drusilla married to?
Where did Caligula campiagn in AD39?
Who was Caligula's mother?
Who did Tiberius name as Caligula's co-heir?
I helped Caligula obtain the throne but he killed me in months.
On what grounds did Tiberius successfully remove his co-heir?
How did Caligula celebrate his accession to the throne?
Caligula was sole what in AD40?
According to Dio, what did Caligula give the Praetorian Guard for its support?
Who was Caligula's second wife and mother of his daughter?
What does Caligula mean?
Which two sources agree that Caligula inherited a full treasury?
Which people of the empire did Caligula treat with distain?
Caligula frequently employed them to rule Rome's eastern territory.
What freedman was influential with Gaius and Claudius?
According to Suetonius how did Gaius raise money thoughout the empire?
Which leading figure did Caligula exile in AD39?
Who was prevented from becoming Consul by Caligula's death?
What drastic measure did Caligula take which outraged the plebs?

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