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'Those who assassinated my father I drove into exile.' Which source?
What monument to peace did Augustus build?
What powers was Augustus given in 19BC without holding the post that provided them?
What power did Augustus hold which allowed him to govern the provinces indirectly?
In what year did Augustus claim he had restored the Republic?
In what year was there a political conspiracy against Augustus?
Octavian defeated Antony at Actium in which year?
What Latin word did Augustus use to describe the basis of his power?
In 22 the plebs tried to force Augustus to take which title?
Augustus knew each senator's name and greated them personally. True or False?
Was Augustus an absolute monarch? True or False?
Augustus played a full part in senatorial debates. Yay or Nay?
In what year was Julius Caesar killed?
In 27BC Octavian became...
Who was Octavian's friend and son in law?
Who was Augustus's friend and potential heir who died in 23BC?
Gaius, Lucius, Agrippa Postumus, Agrippina and Julia were the children of which couple?
Who was Augustus's second wife and mother of Julia?
Who was Tiberius happily married to but was forced to divorce by Augustus?
What power of Augustus allowed him to veto the senate?
In what year did Augustus die?
What event took place in AD9 which made Augustus bang his head?
Which two of Augustus's heirs died in AD2 and AD4 respectively?
What does Augustus's honoary title Pater Patriae mean?
When did Augustus return to Rome after Actium?
After Actium, how many legions did Augustus possess?
Who was Augustus's friend and patron of the arts, especially poetry?
What relation was Augustus to Caesar?
Who did Julia marry after the death of Agrippa?
Where was Augustus when he learned of Caesar's death?
In what year did Tiberius become Augustus's heir?
Much needed, Augustus secured its regular arrival and appointed a prefect for it.
Augustus gave them a career structure for the first time in their history.
Composed of freedmen they were Rome's official...
Senators faced death if they entered here without Augustus's permission.
Augustus placed two Prefects in charge of it.
Augustus's reign has been described as a...

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