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Can you name the A-Z creatures in the Harry Potter books?

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AName of a creature in the Dark Forest; used to be Hagrid's pet
AName of a Weasley's pet
BName of a Dark Forest creature
BLives in a chamber in Hogwarts
BThis spying animagus is what type of insect?
B-E SCreature in Care of Magical Creatures class and in the TriWizard Tournament
BLives in a wardrobe/closet (POA)
BSpecies in Care of Magical Creatures class that lives in trees
BFlying creature in Care of Magical Creatures class that helps Sirius escape
CSpecies that lives in the Dark Forest
CFA type of dragon in the TriWizard Tournament (GOF)
CName of the pet owned by a studious witch
CPMischief makers that are released in class (COS)
C-H SThey're real according to the Lovegoods
DDotes on Harry and loves mismatched socks
DAn escapee from Azkaban is this species of animagus
DPatronus shared by both a male and female character
DSeen in the Black residence, this creatures like to bite
EA pet who tends to fly into windows when delivering the post/mail
F_____ lights are the Christmas decorations these creatures become
FPet owned by a large character
FLives in Dumbledore's office
FGName of a fearsome creature that likes to eat children
FCreature that Draco is turned into in GOF
FCSpecies in Care of Magical Creatures class
FName of Dark Forest creature
FDName of a dazzling being
FSpecies in Care of Magical Creatures class that likes to eat lettuce
FSits on a trap door (PS / SS)
GDName of a dazzling being
GG or GLives in the ground (GOF)
GLives in the attic at The Burrow
GLarge species; two of these (brothers) live at Hogwarts
GAberforth's patronus
GSeen at Gringott's Bank
GLive(s) in the Burrow's garden
GThis large character is enamored by Hermy
G or TGSeen in a teacup (OP)
GLives in Hogwarts' lake
HName of a large character whose brother is in the Dark Forest
HPet of 'The Chosen One'
HName of a Weasley's pet
HLures travelers into bogs (PA)
HSpecies that Sirius escaped on
HName of a creature that serves a wizard
HHA creature in the TriWizard Tournament
IIs found in the water in book 6
KHermione's pet is partly this species
KName of a muttering creature
L or LR or PLA man/creature who howls at the moon
MName of a Dark Forest creature
M or MMAnimagus that turns into a cat
MLive(s) in Hogwarts' lake
M. NCat owned by a squib
MParvati Patil's bogart in PS turned into this deceased Pharaoh-like creature
NThis horcruz meets its end, thanks to Neville
NSpecies in Care of Magical Creatures class that is useful for finding treasure
NHatches from an egg (PS / SS)
NRSpecies of Hagrid's pet (PS / SS)
PHe said this: 'Wandering around at midnight, Ickle Firsties? Tut, tut, tut. Naughty, naughty, you'll get caughty.'
PThe tears of this creature can heal (COS)
PRon's second pet
P or PPType of pet owned by Ginny
RSThis spying animagus is bottled
RName of Dark Forest creature
SAnimagus revealed in PA
S or SBAnimagus that escaped from Azkaban
SRiddling creature in the TriWizard Tournament
S or GSLives in Hogwarts' lake
SPatronus shared by Harry and his father, James
S S-SCreature in the TriWizard Tournament
TSeen by those who have watched someone die
TPet (name) that the owner tends to lose
T or MTLarge, dopey, two-legged creature in PS / SS
UBeautiful horned species in Care of Magical Creatures class
VThis type of creature dazzles wizards
WGCreature in the TriWizard Tournament
WFearsome creature - one is a professor and another serves The Dark Lord
WShe cries ... and cries ... and cries

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