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For You 1978First chart entry
Prince 1979First big hit
Prince 1979Played on American band stand
Prince 1979A big hit for Chaka Khan in 1984
Dirty Mind 1980Missed pop made R and B chart
Dirty Mind 1980Controversial song
Dirty Mind 1980Very controversial song
Controversy 1981Tongues will wag
Controversy 1981Was on 1982 movie Summer Lovers
Controversy 1981Chris Tucker sang it on Rush Hour 3
1999 1982Break through bop against the bomb
1999 1982His 1st top 10 hit
1999 1982His 2nd top 10 hit
1999 19824th single a flop, very explicit
Purple Rain 1984His biggest hit and most iconic song
Purple Rain 1984Another #1 smash
Purple Rain 1984Named after the movie
Purple Rain 1984Another Top 10
Purple Rain 1984Duet with Apollonia
Around the World in a Day 1985He named his record label after this
Around the World in a Day 1985#2 hit another iconic song
Around the World in a Day 1985Another Top #10
Parade 1986#1 iconic song
Parade 1986A fan favourite but relative flop
Parade 1986#10 in the UK
Sign o the Times 1987A brooding masterpiece
Sign o the Times 1987Duet with Sheena Easton
Lovesexy 1988Only hit on album
Lovesexy 1988Named hisnightclub after it
Lovesexy 1988Play on words Russian princess
Batman 1989#1 Smash
Batman 1989In the video he played Gemini
Graffiti Bridge 1990Only Prince hit on this album
Graffiti Bridge 1990Big hit for Tevin Campbell
Diamonds and Pearls 1991Raunchy Come back hit
Diamonds and Pearls 1991Last #1 hit
Diamonds and Pearls 1991Another Hit
Diamonds and Pearls 1991Anti war/ Anti Gambling hit
Lovesymbol 1992Song banned due to f word title
Lovesymbol 1992Got to #7!!!
Lovesymbol 1992Changed it a year later!
The Beautiful Experience 1994First hit as the Symbol or TAFKAP
Come 1994His last Top 30 hit for a while
Gold Experience 1995Last Top 40 hit ever
Emancipation 19961996 Cover of an old song by Stylistics
Musicology 20042004 comeback song
3121 2006Sexy song sounds like Kiss, nearly a hit
Planet Earth 2007Song about his favourite instrument
Lotusflow3r 2009Cover of a 1968 hit by Tommy James
2010 No albumBad song about a football team
2012 No album2012 only single, bad Robert Cray rip off
2013 No albumwith 3rd eye girl
2014 Art Official AgeSingle Had David Chapelle on the cover
2014 Art Offical AgeReleased a single, but flopped
2014 Plectrum ElectrumThis single also flopped

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