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Can you name the famous people who have these initials?

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InitialsFamous PersonClue
A.A.Brought his camera to every U.S. national park
A.B.Had a 'duel' role as U.S. Vice President and murderer
A.C.Scotsman who won a Tony in 1998
A.D.Brought us Athos, Porthos, and Aramis
A.E.Disappeared over the Pacific in 1937
A.F.The whole world has read her diary
A.G.Also known as Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco
A.H.'Presents' us with 'Vertigo'
A.I.NBA MVP for 2001
A.J.First U.S. President to be impeached
A.K.Played football, and then played Webster's dad
A.L.Crouching Tiger, Acclaimed Director
A.M.Wrote plays about salesmen and Puritans
InitialsFamous PersonClue
A.N.He 'Don't Know Much', but he knows he loves you...
A.O.Sharpshooter featured in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show
A.P.This Rogue won an Oscar at age 11
A.Q.Won a 1992 Pultizer Prize for her New York Times column
A.R.Currently plays third base for the Yankees
A.S.Was concerned with 'The Wealth of Nations'
A.T.Has written about both 'The Kitchen God's Wife' and 'The Bonesetter's Daughter'
A.U.He and his son have both won the Indy 500
A.V.Member of a wealthy family who sacrificed his own life to save others in the sinking of the RMS Lusitania
A.W.Once Batman, now mayor of Quahog
A.X.Has played football (soccer) for Portugal and Los Angeles
A.Y.Known for his schoolboy uniform and his guitar
A.Z.Won the first world championship in cycling in 1893

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