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Can you name the Marvel characters that appear in multiple hero's movies?

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Samuel L JacksonAvengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor,
Chris EvansAvengers, Ant-Man, Captain America, Thor
Robert Downey, JrAvengers, Hulk, Iron Man
Edward Norton/Lou Ferrigno/Mark RuffaloAvengers, Hulk, Iron Man
Chris HemsworthAvengers, Thor
Jeremy RennerAvengers, Thor
Scarlett JohanssonAvengers, Captain America, Iron Man,
Clark GreggAvengers, Iron Man, Thor
Antonie MackieAvengers, Ant-Man, Captain America
Terrance Howard/Don CheadleAvengers, Iron Man
Aaron Taylor-JohnsonAvengers, Captain America
Elizabeth OlsonAvengers, Captain America
Paul BettanyAvengers, Iron Man
Gwyneth PaltrowAvengers, Iron Man
Tom HiddlestonAvengers, Thor
Stellan SkarsgardAvengers, Thor
Maximillano HernandezAvengers, Captain America, Thor
Hayley AtwellAvengers, Ant-Man, Captain America
Jenny AgutterAvengers, Captain America
Idiris ElbaAvengers, Thor
Cobie SmuldersAvengers, Captain America
Josh BrolinAvengers, Guardians of the Galaxy
Alexis DenisofAvengers, Guardians of the Galaxy
Henry GoodmanAvengers, Captain America
Thomas KretschmannAvengers, Captain America
Sebastian StanAnt-Man, Captain America
Gerard Sanders/John Slattery/Dominic CooperAnt-Man, Captain America, Iron Man
Garry ShandlingCaptain America, Iron Man
Benicio del ToroGuardians of the Galaxy, Thor
Opelia LovibondGuardians of the Galaxy, Thor

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