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Can you name the Ancient Greek Gods or Titans?

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DecriptionGod or Titan
God of the Air and the Void
Mother Earth
God of the Sky
Titan of the Sun
First God of the Sun
First Goddess of the Moon
God of Music, Medicine, the Sun, and Archery
Goddess of Maidenhood, the Hunt, the Moon, and Archery
God of Fire and the Forges
God of the Dead, Wealth and the Underworld
Goddess of the Rainbow
Goddess of Magic
God of the Wind
Goddess of Youth, Cupbearer of the gods
Goddess of Love and Beauty
Goddess of the Harvest
God of Wine
God of the Ocean
Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy
Goddess of Victory
Goddess of Night
DecriptionGod or Titan
God of Sleep
Goddess of Luck
Titan of Forethought and Crafty Counsel
Goddess of Springtime and Queen of the Underworld
Titanness of Fresh Water
Titan of the Sea
King of the Titans and Lord of Time
Queen of the Titans
God of Dreams
King of the Gods, God of Lightning and Ruler of the Sky
Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marraige
God of War
God of Travelers, Theives, and Messenger of the Gods
God of Doorways and Choices
Wife of Hyperion
Titan of Divine Order, Law, and Custom
Titan of Memory
God of Nature and the Wild
God of Darkness
Goddess of Revenge and Retribution
Goddess of Strife and Discord
DecriptionGod or Titan
God of Desire
Titan who holds up the sky, Titan of Astronomy
Goddess of Breezes
Titan of Intellect
Titan of Afterthought
Goddess of Dawn
Titan of Mortality, Father of Atlas
Titan of Warcraft
Titan of Destruction
Goddess of the River Styx and Oaths of Allegiance
Goddess of Day
God of Mountains
God of the North Wind
God of the West Wind
God of the East Wind
God of the South Wind
Goddesses of the Evening and Sunsets
Goddess of the Hearth
God of Dolphins

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