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Forced Order
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Number of words/ HintsAnswer
3 words. Nationality, school subject and a letter
3 words. Gears and a colour
2 words. Violence and equipment for golf
1 word. US city
3 words. Mutant, prequel, animal
7 words. Hero, villain and hidious
3 words. Colour and an imperial unit of length
2 words. US city and secret
1 word. Short for teddy
2 words. Overall and Remember
2 words. Woods and rhymes with bump
2 words. Killing yourself and a group
5 words. Moon, alive and dead
2 words. Water Source and Animal
1 word. Martian
3 words. Martial arts and young person
Number of words/ HintsAnswer
2 words. Death and difficult
1 word. body part and opposite of tight
7 words. Animal, sorceress and cabinet
3 words. An animal and crown
3 words. Copy and Ritual
2 words. Invasion and present
1 word. A Number
4 words. Aristocrat, jewelry, come back and crown
3 words. Creatures vs Martians
1 word. Moroccan city
4 words. A number, a complete orbit and an act of cruelty
4 words. Irish name and death
5 words. Quiet and baby sheep
2 words. Sunlight
2 words. Seeking and rhymes with emo
7 words. Sunrise, Earth, monkeys

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