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What they didWho are theyMethod / info
STM durationNonsense triagrams, 3s 80%, 6s, 50%. D = 15-30s.
LTM durationFree recall of 50 year book photos / match names to photo.
STM CapacitySerial recall. 3 + 1 each time until incorrect. *50. C= 5-9 items
STM and LTM encodingAsked to recall immediately or with delay. I = More substitution errors on AC, no change in SM. Delayed = more substitution on SM. No diff on AC
Misleading Info (smash bump)How fast when X. Smash / contact 10mph diff.
Misleading info (stop, yield)Consistent = 75% Inconsistent = 41%
Anxiety (Batman)Weapon focus. Low key = 49% recall Heated = 33% recall
Anxiety (Robin)110 PP's w/ 22 genuine bank robs. Direct victims more able to recall specifics after 15m.
Age of witness (child - photos)Children more likely to pick a photo of somebody that they hadn't seen. DCs
What they didWho are theyMethod / info
Age of witness (child - repeated qs)Children change their answers. Don't understand sig. of solid story + DCs
Age of witness (child - video)15s clip. Asked to give info immediately or after 2 weeks. Correct AND incorrect info increased with age. Children give less info
Age of witness (elderly - clip)Clip of robbery & recall. Young adults more accurate and less vulnerable to leading qs.
Own age bias (rate attractiveness)24 photos, rate attractiveness. 48, recognise old and new. Youngest best, oldest worst. All best at recognising own age groups
Own age bias (perceptual learning hypothesis)Best at recalling age and ethnicity of those you have most exp. with.
Cognitive interview (real interviews)Found PPs bombarded with close ended Qs.
Cognitive interview (meta analysis)34% incr in recall in cognitive inter.
Cognitive interview (evaluation of sections)Found report everything & mental reinstatement gave the best. Rest superfluous.

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