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The Fenian brotherhood was founded by John O'Mahoney and Michael Doheny, but in which decade was it founded?It was soon to be a precursor of Clan na Gael
Where was the Fenian brotherhood founded?The Great Famine of 1945-9 further influenced emigration to the 'Land of Hope'
Where was the Irish Republic Brotherhood?James Stephens returned to Dublin and formed the IRB, after the collapse of William Smith O'Brien's attempted Young Ireland Rebellion in Ireland, 1848, escaped to USA,arriving in New York in 1852.
What were members more commonly known as?O'Mahoney named his organisation after the Fianna, a legendary band of Irish warriors
Would the Fenian Brotherhood take up arms when called upon to obey their superior officers?The members bound themselves by an oath of allegiance to the Irish Republic and swore to take up arms when called upon their superior officers.
What was the revolutionary journal named?It appealed for aid from Irishmen who had received military training and experience in the American Civil War.
What happened to many Irish veterans in 1865, when the war finished?They flocked back to Ireland, but a government crackdown arrested many and forced Stephens to flee
How many oaths did they take?The oath of Allegiance to the Irish Republic and the oath of Obediance to the leaders.
Which groups would support the Fenians?Many blamed the British for not doing enough to help during the famine. Many evicteded from homes and land by Protestant landlords because they couldn't afford rent.
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Some groups opposed the Fenians, this one wanted to keep the Act of Union?This is because they wanted to be tied to England, otherewise they'd be a minority. Also economy wouldn't be protected.
This group opposed secret societies bound by oaths?They also feared the Fenians might attack the Church.
This group dislikes violent protest?Also feared that a successful Fenian uprising might lead to an attack on property owners such as themselves.
In 1866 who replaced Stephens as the leader?Stephens was arrested
Why did their plan to capture Chester Castle fail?The planned capture for arms failed and leaders were then arrested, Fenians were scattered
The Fenians ambushed a Police cartin Manchester to rescue Kelly, who was killed?Three Fenians were then tried and sentenced.
What were the executed Fenians called?William Philip Allen, Michael Larkin, and Michael O'Brien
What was used in an attempted rescue in Clerkenwell, London?It resulted in the death of 12 Londoners and injury to 30 others.

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