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Can you name the Characters created by RA Salvatore (Forgotten Realms)?

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HintCharacter Name
Twinkle, Icingdeath
8th and 10th king of Mithril Hall
Was a warrior, then a mage, and now is forever missed
Carries Aegis-Fang
A.K.A. Rumblebelly
Calls the Astral Plane home
His body is his weapon
Chosen of Deneir
Maiden name is Maupoissant
HintCharacter Name
Yellow bearded dwarf, recognized by his antler helmet
Dwarven Druid
Leader of Bregan D'aerthe
The only person to 'Kill' Drizzt
Known for his glassteel morningstars
Chosen of Mystra
Blind ranger, taught Drizzt the ways of Mielikki.
Mentor and father of Drizzt Do'Urden
Founded the Kingdom of Many-Arrows

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