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He's deaf and blind and somehow he's great at pinball.WTF!
He went to a black panther party which for some reason had a white guy as part of the group.
No you freak i do not see a giant bunny named Frank
It's not his real name but i think Tom Cruise prefers his nickname
I got a new babysitter........Holy rollers she's my dad
Oh great not only does Robin Williams dress like chicks but so does Dustin Hoffman
All his looks are the same, but 'Magnum' can stop objects in mid-air
If someone dropped pig blood on me at the prom i'd kill someone too.......Kanye West
God his movies are terrible...That's all the hints you need...Seriously....they'll make you puke
I completely pummeled here last night...but somehow she got the dents out herself
Mid-aged women love him. I didn't know sharp fingers are a turn on
She says rocks have spirits and the wind has thing you know she'll say she talks to a tree
He will always be in a gorilla's heart
He's afraid of jews and he wants to marry Pamela Anderson.......not
The spawn of Satan's best friend is a fish....seriously?
I wish my white blood cells were cops.
If he's not back in five minutes... just wait longer
This game is for muggles only so go away
Why dosen't that ape just jump over the darn gate...he's freakin huge
My doctor mooned me yesterday

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