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Can you name the employers of each Seinfeld character?

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Summer job, fired for cooling feet in the soft serve machine 
Reader, fired for affair with cleaning lady 
Fired immediately after interview for feeling woman's shirt 
Assistant to the Traveling Secretary until traded to Tyler Chicken 
Sales Rep until lawsuit caused by Kramer's ball of oil bankrupts company 
Computer Salesman until Lloyd Braun's phony sales and Estelle's car wreck the 'office' 
Trying to adopt the nickname 'T-Bone', George becomes 'Koko' and then 'Gammy' 
Went out of business after Mr. Lippman refuses to shake hands with the head of Matsushimi 
Elaine temporarily takes charge when founder flees to Burma 
Fires Elaine because he believes she is trying to kill him 
Returns from strike and subsequently fired for getting gum in the bagel dough 
Appeared in underwear ad for designer 
Ball boy 
Stand-in actor on soap opera 

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