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A great friend to Rubeus HagridA
Author of ''A History Of Magic''B
The name and appearence Ron Weasley took on when infiltrating the ministryC
Sister of Albus DumbledoreD
The Weasley family owlE
The Centaur who challenged Sybil Trelawney's jobF
A companion of Draco MalfoyG
Founder of the house of HufflepuffH
Author of ''The Dream Oracle''I
Beater for the Chudley CannonsJ
Only wants to serve Mrs. BlackK
Harry's vain teacher for DADA in year twoL
Stole the large slytherin lockart from KreacherM
Voldemort's petN
A celebrated wandmakerO
The boy who livedP
Brought a troll into HogwartsQ
The name and appearance Harry Potter takes on when inflitrating the ministry of magicR
A plant that disappears at sunlightS
Neville Longbottoms ToadT
Left a scar on the back of Harry's handU
Offspring of Bill and Fleur WeasleyV
A charm that makes objects flyW
Father to Luna LovegoodX
A Death Eater who accompanies Harry, Ron, Hermione and Griphook into gringotts.Y
Harry uses this person to gain entrance to Draco's carriage in HP6Z

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