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ALead female character
BIsland on which the vikings live
CSpecies of dragon which is capable of camouflage
DLead female becomes this dragon's rider
EThe Red Death has six of these
FThe title of the track/scene in which the main dragon and boy become friends
GHe runs the blacksmith shelter and trains the new recruits
HHero and main character
IFishleg's last name
JThe man who composed the soundtrack for the film
KBone______, the dragon that got its own short
LMeat___, the name of Fishleg's dragon
M_________ Nightmare
NToothless is this species of dragon
OOne of the Norse gods occasionally mentioned
PToothless is built one of these to replace his missing tail fin
QThe Red Death is said to be this to the dragons
RThe female viking twin
SLeader of the tribe and father to the main character
TThis species of dragon is closer to Toothless' design in the original book
UToothless flies like this to try spook the lead female
VThe human characters are, of course, this type of tribe
WThe Night Fury has the largest of these in comparison to its body than any other dragon
XThe Gronckle's eggs do this (second letter of the word is X)
YIn 'Gift of the Night Fury', this drink is proposed as a new holiday tradition
ZHideous __________

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