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Two men, dressed in black suits and driving an old, retired police car, are on 'A mission from God.'Blues Brothers
Every time our teen time traveler awakens he is convinced that his experiences are a dream- even when his teenage mom is there next to him.Back to the Future
Whether it's a bowling argument, a eulogy or a kerfuffle at a diner, the Dude's friend always steers the conversation back to Vietnam.The Big Lebowski
Supposedly the smartest one of his bunch, a character consistently misuses the word 'inconceivable!'The Princess Bride
An incompetent boss haunts his employees- at home and work- with sentences that repeatedly begin with 'Yeaaaahhh...'Office Space
There's only one toy Ralphie wants for Christmas, but everyone- from his parents to Santa- are convinced that he'll shoot his eye out with it.A Christmas Story
An air traffic controller picked the wrong day to give up on a variety of vices.Airplane
Knights of the Round Table are actually cowards who scream 'Run away!' at every opportunity.Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Space cowboys, farm boys, androids and princesses all 'Have a bad feeling about this.'Star Wars
One invention Tony can't seem to get right is the portion of his suit that continually hoses him down, fire-extinguisher style.Iron Man
An absent-minded medieval king keeps putting the number '5' after '2'.Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Despite being a bowling pro, a character consistently makes inspirational points by raising his fake rubber hand.Kingpin
Apparent members of British nobility consistently discuss the weights and abilities of swallows.Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Running Gag Movie % Correct
Although set in the 5th or 6th C., King Arthur and his knights are pursued (and eventually arrested) by modern policemen.Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Throughout the course of their canine competition a woman and her husband are consistently bombarded by her former boyfriends and lovers.Best in Show
Though the entire movie is a running gag, the main character's interactions with a high school classmate who is now an insurance salesman end with him punching the man.Groundhog Day
Every time someone utters the name of the creepy Frau Bl├╝cher, a horse whinnies off screen.Young Frankenstein
Depending on which ending you saw, you may still not know who really did it, but one thing's for sure: Communism was just a red herring.Clue
A police Captain consistently instructs his detectives through the use of TLC song titles, even though he is unfamiliar with the band.The Other Guys
An animated thief is consistently dismayed at the portrayals of his nose in wanted posters.Tangled
Even Uncle Miltie and Ethel Merman can't figure out the math on how to divide the shares in this nearly three hour long film.It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
An FBI agent's co-worker tries repeatedly, in vain, to finish a story about a family ice fishing trip.American Hustle
An evil octopus, disguised as a human, consistently instructs his minions in word combinations that evoke the names of famous actors. ('Helen, hunt them!')Penguins of Madagascar
Paul describes his grandfather as being 'very clean' and we then watch him get dirtier and more inappropriate throughout the film.A Hard Day's Night
No matter how many times Mr. J. yells for Hoffman, he appears faster each time.Spider-Man

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